Ritter Forest Products - Crane Mats, Pipeline Skids, Laminated & Transition Mats

If you are undertaking a heavy-duty job, you need heavy-duty support for your valuable equipment. Offering everything from hardwood crane mats, transition mats and outrigger pads, to laminated mats, dragline mats and pipeline skids for sale or rent, Ritter Forest can provide the most durable products for your job.

Mat Rentals – Crane, Laminated, Hardwood, Oak, Dragline & More

Our mats are made of the highest quality hardwood timber to support heavy industrial equipment for a variety of purposes, including crane support, pipeline jobs, temporary road access, work pads for drilling, and utility construction, among other industrial applications. If you only need your mat for a singular job, keep in mind that Ritter Forest Products not only sells, but provides a number of mat rentals, including crane, laminated, hardwood, oak and dragline mats.

Skids, Timbers, Pads, Pipeline Skids & Outrigger Pads

In addition to providing companies with crane mats and laminated mats, Ritter Forest Products can also set you up with pipeline skids and outrigger pads if your company specializes in pipeline construction. Our superior products will hold your equipment in place and allow you to safely crib, rack, and elevate your pipes.

Services Provided By Ritter Forest Products

New & Used Inventory for Sale

Ritter Forest Products is constantly updating our inventory with brand new products. If you want to buy new crane mats, laminated mats, or pipeline skids, we have what you are looking for in stock or can customize something for your specific needs.

Because we rent out so many crane mats on a regular basis, we also have a large selection of used inventory for sale. You can save money and get a quality crane mat in good condition by selecting products from our used inventory.


Outside of our excellent products, our customers also come to us for the many services that we can provide. Many of the companies that call on Ritter Forest Products for crane mats and more don’t need to buy them outright. They simply need them for a specific project and Ritter Forest Products accommodates by offering crane mat rental services. Whether you just need crane mats one time or want to rent them on a case-by-case basis, we will be here for you.

Although crane mat rentals work for some companies, others want to buy mats, pads, timbers, and skids outright so they can use them over and over again. We offer affordable options and guarantee that our products will last you a long time, thanks to their durable construction.

Delivery 24/7

Whether you need a single crane mat or enough crane mats to fill an entire worksite, Ritter Forest Products can deliver them directly to you.

If you want to order new or used products from us or to ask a question about a specific service, Contact Ritter Forest Products