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Pipeline Skids / Crane Mat Sales & Rentals in Sorrento, LA

At Ritter Forest Products, we are dedicated to providing companies with the hardwood crane mat sales and rentals they need for construction, drilling, and industrial application. Whether you need a crane mat to safely operate heavy machinery on a job site or shoring material/cribbing to support a temporary structure, we have the products you need and can deliver them directly to you in Sorrento, LA.

Custom Mats and Timbers

When you call on Ritter Forest Products for help obtaining crane and timber mats rentals, we can sort through our existing inventory or select sizes. However, we can also work with you to create a custom mats and timbers, made of high-grade oak and other hardwoods, to fit your equipment. Just let us know what dimensions are needed and we can begin production for a quick turnaround.

Crane Mats in Sorrento, LA

Cranes and other types of heavy equipment might seem large enough to remain stable on the job site, but that’s all depending on the type of environment you’re working in. Poor weather conditions and soft, uneven ground can all have negative effects on the stability of your equipment while working in Sorrento, LA. With the use of crane mats, however, you can be assured that you will always have an even, durable surface to operate your equipment on.

Timber Mats in Sorrento, LA

All of the timber mats in Sorrento, LA that are sold and rented by Ritter Forest Products are manufactured from durable, oak hardwood that is built to last. Your mats are going to be put to the test when you use them, but you won’t have to worry about them failing when you buy or rent them from Ritter Forest Products. Our strong, high-quality timber mats can meet the demands of any challenge.

Laminated Mats in Sorrento, LA

In certain situations, you might need crane mats that can be picked up and moved over and over again. Some of the standard crane mats available can be very heavy and require manpower that could be used elsewhere. With our laminated mats offered in Sorrento, LA, however, you won’t have any trouble. These mats are more lightweight than other crane mats and are easily maneuverable, making them perfect for lighter load demands.

3-Ply Laminated Mats

Made out of 2×8’s, 3-ply laminated mats from Ritter Forest Products can be hooked up to chains and cables and used for lifting purposes. They can also be utilized to build temporary roads, stable platforms, and more.

Outrigging Pads and Transition Mats

Even though crane mats will provide your equipment with plenty of stability, there may still be instances when you need more support than usual for a particular piece of machinery. Ritter Forest Products can help with this by providing outrigging pads that will balance your equipment and give you an extra layer of protection. We also offer transition mats in Sorrento, LA that can be used to take equipment from the ground level, up to a higher surface.

Pipeline Skids/Timbers in Sorrento, LA

Properly ribbing, racking, and elevating your pipes is key to building a pipeline efficiently and successfully. To carry out these tasks and keep your valuable equipment safe from damage as you maneuver through untouched territories in Sorrento, LA, we recommend utilizing pipeline skids/timbers.

Sorrento, LA Shoring Material/Cribbing

If you need to prop up a piece of equipment to make sure it doesn’t topple over, or to reinforce a temporary wall or structure of a job site, do it with Sorrento, LA shoring material/cribbing from Ritter Forest Products. The shoring and cribbing materials that we carry are specifically designed to shore up structures and more from all angles.

As you can see, Ritter Forest Products carries a variety of products that can make your worksite significantly safer. From hardwood crane mat sales and rentals to pipeline skids and more, we have it. Give us a call today to find out how to rent or buy them.