Crane Mats

Ritter Forest offers crane mats for sale, used crane mats, and crane mat rental. Our mats are constructed of oak timbers or mixed hardwoods and range in length from 12′ to 30′. Ritter Forest also offers custom crane mats that can be constructed to your length specifications.

Ritter Forest crane mats are built to perform under extreme conditions. Constructed from 12”x12” hardwood timbers, they are 4’ wide and are bolted together. Each crane mat is notched for easy access.

For fast crane mat rental and delivery, we stock lengths of 12′, 16′, 20′, 24′, 28′, and 30′ crane mats.

Our large inventory of hardwood mats for sale or rent, allows us to react quickly ensuring your mats are delivered when and where you need them. Contact us today to purchase or rent top quality hardwood crane mats for your project needs.