3-Ply Laminated Mats for Rent/Sale

12′, 14′ & 16′ Lengths Available

Ritter Forest Products offers 3-ply laminated mats available for sale or rent in 12’, 14’, and 16’ lengths. These mats are both strong and durable and are constructed with the same high-grade materials as our traditional mats, but weigh just a fraction of what others do. This makes them significantly more maneuverable. They are the perfect solution for anyone looking for hardwood mats that can match up with lighter load demands, and we encourage you to try a laminated mat rental if you are interested in building a temporary road, a stable platform, and more.

Why Use 3-Ply Laminated Mats?

The 3-ply laminated mats from Ritter Forest Products have become increasingly popular among companies looking for mats that are easy to move around. Whether you plan on moving your equipment often or simply need to lay down mats for a short period of time, a 3-ply laminated mat rental can be easier to maneuver than other hardwood mats. Because they are so lightweight, they are also very versatile and can be utilized in a range of situations, such as attaching them to chains and cables for lifting purposes.

Best Matches for Using 3-Ply Laminated Mats

  • Concrete construction projects
  • General construction projects
  • Site protection
  • Stable platforms
  • Temporary roads
  • Other lighter load demands

New & Used 3-Ply Laminated Mats for Sale

Do you think that your business could benefit from using 3-ply laminated mats? Ritter Forest Products can provide you with a laminated mat rental today and tell you all about the benefits of using these hardwood mats. We offer both new and used 3-ply laminated mats for sale and would be happy to deliver them to you. You can also rent our mats if you only plan to use them for a single project.

To obtain a laminated mat rental or to buy 3-ply laminated mats from Ritter Forest Products, give us a call today.