Used Inventory

The hard wood crane mats and wooden laminated mats from our rental fleet are constantly turning over to insure a second to none rental fleet. In the event that a mat is not acceptable for our rental customers but certainly usable on a number of jobs, we offer them to you at a discounted rate. Made of the same high quality timber as our brand new mats, purchasing from our used inventory is a cost efficient way to ensure you will receive a hardworking mat at fraction of the new mat price.

Whether the industrial or commercial plan includes power, pipeline, heavy construction, petroleum, or transportation projects, our used mats will perform to Ritter Forest standards. Our frequently updated inventory contains the current location for the mats, price, size, and condition. This way, you can be sure you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, where it is coming from, and if it is the right fit for your project.

If you have any questions on any of our used mat inventory, give the location at the right of the product that interests you a call. Any of our staff will be more than happy to help. For more information on any of our products, contact Ritter Forest Products today!

Houston, Texas12'x4'x12" Crane Mat30$150.00 ea866.673.4800
Houston, Texas16'x4'x12" Crane Mat100$250.00 ea866.673.4800
Houston, Texas20'x4'x12"Crane Mat250$350.00 ea866.673.4800
Houston, Texas8x16 Laminated Mats30$300.00 ea866.673.4800
Corpus Christi, Texas8x14 Laminated Mats52$200.00 ea888.596.6391
Corpus Christi, Texas8x16 Laminated Mats42$250.00 ea888.596.6391
Corpus Christi, Texas18'x4'x8" Timber Mats25$200.00 ea888.596.6391
Corpus Christi, Texas18'x4'x8" Timber Mats100$50.00 ea888.596.6391
Corpus Christi, Texas12'x4'x12" Crane Mats10$150.00 ea888.596.6391
Corpus Christi, Texas16'x4'x12" Crane Mats32$250.00 ea888.596.6391
Corpus Christi, Texas20'x4'x12" Crane Mats105$300.00 ea888.596.6391
Corpus Christi, Texas24'x4'x12" Crane Mats3$350.00 ea888.596.6391
Corpus Christi, Texas28'x4'x12" Crane Mats8$400.00 ea888.596.6391
Corpus Christi, Texas30'x4'x12" Crane Mats3$400.00 ea888.596.6391
Sulphur, LA816 Laminated Mats68$175-$250.00 ea888.333.1925
Sulphur, LA12'x4'x12" Crane Mats4$200.00 ea888.333.1925
Sulphur, LA20'x4'x12" Crane Mats12$275.00 ea888.333.1925
Sulphur, LA24'x4'x12" Crane Mats10$300.00 ea888.333.1925
Sulphur, LA26'x4'x12" Crane Mats2$300.00 ea888.333.1925
Sulphur, LA28'x4'x12" Crane Mats16$400.00 ea888.333.1925
Sulphur, LA30'x4'x12" Crane Mats40$500.00 ea888.333.1925
Sulphur, LA30'x4'x12" Crane Mats40$650.00 ea888.333.1925
Sulphur, LA6'x6'x8" Outriggers6$100.00 ea888.333.1925
Sorrento, LA30'x4'x12" Crane Mats4$300.00 ea877.812.6909
Sorrento, LA28'x4'x12" Crane Mats9$300.00 ea877.812.6909
Sorrento, LA20'x4'x12" Crane Mats7$200.00 ea877.812.6909
Sorrento, LA20'x4'x12" Crane Mats40$500.00 ea877.812.6909
Sorrento, LA18'x4'x12" Crane Mats14$200.00 ea877.812.6909
Sorrento, LA16'x4'x12" Crane Mats64$150.00 ea877.812.6909
Sorrento, LA12'x4'x12" Crane Mats25$100.00 ea877.812.6909
Sorrento, LA10'x4'x12" Crane Mats6$100.00 ea877.812.6909
Sorrento, LA8'x4'x12" Crane Mats4$100.00 ea877.812.6909
Sorrento, LA18'x4'x8" Timber Mats75$75.00 ea877.812.6909
Updated 11.11.20