Heavy Equipment Trailer Transport in Geismar, Louisiana

JOB: Heavy Equipment Trailer Transport – Our well known yellow tipped wood mats were needed for extending a transportation road to help the heavy equipment get where they needed to be for this job. LOCATION: Geismar, Louisiana PRODUCTS USED: 8×16 laminated mats CONTACT: For your construction mat needs in the Geismar area contact us.

Temporary Road in Gueydan, Louisiana

JOB: Temporary road for heavy equipment – This was a job that required a  temporary road to cover quite a distance. Our wood construction mats helped get the job done with efficiency. Our cribbing and construction mat rentals prevent heavy equipment from being slowed down by unstable or muddy ground. LOCATION: Gueydan, Louisiana PRODUCTS USED: 8×16 laminated […]

Pipeline Installation in Houston, Texas

JOB: Pipeline Installation – Our recognized yellow tipped timber was laid over and beside a pipe so that it could remain stable while the construction crew traveled over the bridged pipe when working on the installation. LOCATION: Houston, Texas PRODUCTS USED: 8×16 laminated mat and 4’x20′, 4’x18′, 4’x16′ timbers for bridge work CONTACT: For construction mat needs in the Houston […]

Ground Support for lift of NASA’s Shuttle Replica Independence

JOB: Ground support for the lift of NASA’s “Independence” LOCATION: Houston, Texas PRODUCTS USED: (64) 4’x20’x12” Crane Mats DESCRIPTION: On Thursday, August 14, Space Center Houston’s full-size space shuttle replica, named the “Independence,” was hoisted by crane on top of NASA’s historic Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, a modified Boeing 747 jumbo jet. The flight of the 160,000-pound (72,575-kilogram) mockup […]

Cape Canaveral, Florida

JOB: Crane Mats needed in Cape Canaveral, Florida LOCATION: Cape Canaveral, Florida PRODUCTS USED: 4’x20’x12″ Crane Mats DESCRIPTION: Mats were used to construct a crane pad in order to have a solid foundation for the crane to lift and install lighting rods near the space shuttle launch area. CONTACT: Toll Free Local Number 337.882.0010 or […]