Common Construction Hazards During Autumn

Construction worker outside in autumn dealing with damp, muddy conditions

Working in the construction industry entails certain risks, but autumn can be especially hazardous. Despite implementing safety measures and exercising caution, seasonal changes could heighten the risk of workplace accidents.

Here are a few of the most common construction hazards to be aware of this autumn!

Heavy Rains & Thunderstorms

Rains and thunderstorms pose many risks to construction workers and job sites as water and electricity don’t mix. Therefore, excess moisture in a place with a lot of electrical equipment can have disastrous consequences.

Strong winds that occur during thunderstorms pose even more hazards. The increased risk of electrocution can also cause considerable damage to building materials and structures. Commonly affected areas include glass walls, windows, and roof shingles, which could be lost to heavy storms.

Weather disturbances often delay construction by preventing construction workers from performing necessary tasks.

Excessive Moisture

Excess moisture is one of the hazards brought about by the coming of autumn. On construction sites, mud could affect the mobility of workers and equipment. Pools of water could pose a considerable risk if it is necessary to set up ladders to access elevated areas. Even wet scaffolding increases the likelihood of falls that may lead to injury or death. Furthermore, water could seep into bricks, cement, and wood, making painting and gluing workpieces more difficult.

Mold growth is another common occurrence during autumn. If the mold isn’t treated, it could affect the quality of wood and other building materials, giving them an unsightly appearance and making them unsafe to use.

Seasonal Illness

The wet and cold weather could also adversely affect workers’ health. Colds, flu, and other respiratory conditions are more common during autumn. Illness could affect productivity and impair judgment, which are crucial concerns on construction sites. Allowing sick workers to come to work also increases the risk of sickness for everyone else.

Taking proper precautions for the fall season will help ensure the safety of everyone involved and the successful completion of the project. Remember that the health and well-being of your workers should be top on your list of priorities.

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