How Can Timber Mats Protect Sensitive Wetland Ecosystems?

How Can Timber Mats Protect Sensitive Wetland Ecosystems?As human populations continue to expand, it is more important than ever to protect sensitive ecosystems such as wetlands. The wetlands are most vulnerable when they are traversed or constructed upon, especially when heavy equipment is involved. Thankfully, a great solution exists: the use of timber mats.

What are timber mats?

To create timber mats, large pieces of timber are cabled together and placed on top of a non-woven geotextile. This creates a surface that is sturdy enough to serve as a temporary crossing or workspace in wetlands.

What are the environmental benefits of timber mats?

Timber mats are a great alternative to permanent structures on a building or maintenance site, as permanent structures disrupt the wetlands’ ecosystem. The temporary nature of the timber mats allows vegetation to continue growing freely once the mats are removed. Wetlands even have natural erosion control features that can be compromised if not protected; using timber mats ensures that the soil will be left untouched.  Wetlands are also saturated with moisture, and heavy machinery can disrupt the area’s natural drainage system. Using the timber mats will guarantee that your machinery doesn’t affect the drainage, and also doesn’t get stuck!

Why is it important to preserve wetlands?

Wetlands are an important protection system for the natural world. They absorb large amounts of water, which helps to prevent flooding, while also filtering that water into nearby lakes and rivers, making them cleaner. Many animals also live in wetlands, so preserving the local ecosystem helps protect their habitat.

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  1. The timber mats are quite popular these days and they are used at the wetland ecosystems. They are highly durable and available in various sizes. Thanks for sharing this post with the readers.

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