How Hardwood Mats Can Help Prevent Soil Erosion on Your Construction Site

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When you’re working in construction, one of your goals should always be to disturb the environment around you as little as possible during a project. There are several environmental factors you’ll want to be conscious of as you work, such as area wildlife and vegetation. One of your biggest concerns though should be minimizing soil erosion on the worksite.

Controlling erosion is important not just for the environment, but also to ensure the ground you’re working on and the new structure that will sit on top of it are both stable. Fortunately, there is a convenient solution to help you accomplish all of these things—hardwood mats!

Hardwood mats have the double advantage of protecting ecologically-fragile soil conditions and providing a stable ground to work on with your equipment.

The impact of the weight and movement of heavy machinery can often cause soil compaction on construction sites. Compaction seriously degrades the integrity of the soil, making it more difficult for water and nutrients to be absorbed and erosion much more probable. Hardwood mats can help prevent compaction and preserve soil by equally distributing the weight of your industrial equipment across it. When used as a work surface or to create temporary roadways on a site, mats also help keep water and air from reaching soil in the first place, thus minimizing the risk of both water and wind erosion.

If you’re looking for an effective, yet cost-efficient way to minimize soil erosion on your next project, inquire about renting or buying hardwood crane mats from Ritter Forest Products! Our sturdy mats will help stabilize your equipment and protect the soil on your worksite, making your project safer, more efficient, and better for the environment.

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