How Outrigger Pads & Transition Mats Can Benefit Your Industrial Worksite

There are a lot of different products out there designed to make working with heavy machinery easier and safer. While this is, of course, helpful for construction and industrial projects, it can be tricky to determine which of these products have the most to offer your worksite and are actually worth buying.

When it comes down to it, the most useful tools for safety and efficiency are going to be those that help provide a steady ground and evenly distribute the weight of your equipment. Among the most invaluable to your operation are outrigger pads and transition mats.

Outrigger pads provide a stable, balanced surface on which heavy equipment can be operated safely.

While crane mats can adequately provide the stability you need for most machinery and terrains, sometimes you need something with a higher level of support. Excessive weight is often placed on equipment outriggers, making them particularly vulnerable to sinking and slippage. This can then create uneven terrain that is dangerous for moving industrial equipment.

Outrigger pads are designed to withstand heavier loads than standard crane mats. Our pads, for example, are made with multiple layers of the most durable hardwood to support the heaviest equipment at a variety of different worksites.

Transition mats make it easier and safer to navigate machinery onto stabilizing pads and other elevated surfaces.

Getting a heavy piece of equipment up and onto thick crane mats or outrigger pads can be a challenge. That’s where transition mats come in. These mats provide an angled path to facilitate smooth movement onto mats, pads, and grounds at higher elevation. Our transition mats angle upward from 3-12”. The angled transition not only makes it easier to elevate machinery, but also reduces the potential for tire damage that can be caused by climbing.

Ritter Forest Products offers a large inventory of outrigger pads, transition mats, and other ground-stabilizing mats for sale or rent. We can also provide specialty sizes to accommodate the custom needs of your worksite.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our full range of hardwood mats and other industrial worksite products!

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