Kentucky Crane Mats

Pipeline Skids / Crane Mat Sales & Rentals in Kentucky

Are you interested in obtaining Kentucky crane and timber mats rentals for your next industrial or commercial job? Ritter Forest Products is an industry leader when it comes to providing high quality materials and rental services, assuring you that everything we carry is built to withstand the pressures of your heaviest equipment and keep your job site safe.

Custom Mat and Timbers

Every construction job is different, and at Ritter Forest Products, we understand that there may be certain situations when custom cut mats and timbers are needed in place of standard sizes. Ritter Forest Company is fully capable of providing custom mats and timbers for Kentucky general construction projects, as well as bridge and tunnel work, and more.

Crane Mats in Kentucky

Constructed from oak timbers or mixed hardwoods, the crane mats offered by Ritter Forest Products are available in lengths of 12’ to 30’. Each mat is capable of performing under the most extreme conditions and holding your cranes and other pieces of heavy equipment securely in place. Regardless of whether you are interested in purchasing new or used crane mats or renting your crane mats here in Kentucky, we can help.

Timber Mats in Kentucky

If you plan on using heavy equipment to complete a construction project or any other commercial job, consider the durable timber mats for rent through Ritter Forest Products. Ground stabilization is extremely important on job sites, especially when working in an area that is soft or uneven. High quality timber mats are intended to counteract these issues and provide reliable support for your heavy equipment so you can get the job done safely and efficiently.

Laminated Mats in Kentucky

Perfect for those who need to create temporary roads for general construction projects in Kentucky, you’ll find that the laminated mats available through Ritter Forest Products are highly durable, yet extremely maneuverable. They are constructed using the same high-grade materials as our other mats and are proven to be ideal for jobs that require temporary roadways and ground protection.

3-Ply Laminated Mats

The 3-ply laminated mats available through Ritter Forest Products can be purchased or rented in lengths of 12’, 14’ and 16’. Not only can our 3-ply laminated mats be laid down and used as a temporary road on concrete jobs, but they can also be attached to cables or chains for lifting equipment on general construction sites.

Outrigging Pads and Transition Mats

Aside from offering Kentucky crane and timber mats rentals, Ritter Forest Products also has outrigging pads that will provide your heavy equipment with additional support. If we do not carry the size you need in our inventory, we can custom make outrigger pads to meet your sizing needs. We also have transition mats that can be used to move industrial equipment from the ground level to an elevated pad. Both options are made with hardwood and are capable of handling extreme weight.

Pipeline Skids/Timbers in Kentucky

During pipeline construction, you will need to rely on high quality, durable pipeline skids that can be used for cribbing, racking, and elevating your pipes. Ritter Forest Products can provide pipeline skids and timbers in Kentucky for sale and for rent, depending on the needs of your company.

Kentucky Shoring Material/Cribbing

If you are working on a construction site in Kentucky where stabilization is required, such as trenching for a utility job, shoring material from Ritter Forest Products is your best bet. Shoring material takes on all of the surrounding pressure and prevents cave-ins and damage to outside structures from happening. On the same token, cribbing material takes on heavy pressure, as well, providing support whenever you need to prop up a large piece of equipment or stack objects for travel.

Could your company benefit from any of the products listed here? If so, contact Ritter Forest Products today to learn more about our Kentucky construction site rentals.