Keystone XL Approval Means Construction Boom for Pipeline Workers

The Keystone XL oil pipeline project was recently granted final approval by the U.S. State Department. This project has been sidelined over environmental disputes and debates for the past few years, but now that it has secured approval and will be moving forward, it means an approaching construction boom for pipeline contractors and workers.

Once complete, the Keystone XL pipeline will transport crude oil from Alberta, Canada to Steele City, Nebraska where it will connect with other Keystone pipelines already in place. The pipeline, which will span nearly 1,200 miles when complete, will create many jobs during the construction phase.

The State Department estimates that the pipeline project will create 3,900 construction jobs if completed in one year, or 1,950 construction jobs if completed in two years, according to CNN. More than 16,000 additional support jobs are likely to be created due to this pipeline project, according to State Department estimates.

While some final steps and obstacles remain, including final approval from Nebraska authorities and pending litigation from some Nebraskans, Keystone XL seems to be moving forward, which is great news for construction.

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