Never Underestimate Nature When Operating Cranes

Construction Cranes Operating a crane can be a complicated job – even dangerous at times. This is especially true when unexpected weather like high winds interferes with everyday construction work. At Ritter Forest Products, we offer a number of products that can help improve crane safety, including crane mats, but to make cranes as safe as possible, it’s first important to understand how weather can negatively affect their use.

The effect weather can have on cranes was no more apparent than when a high winds caused a crane to collapse earlier this month in Manhattan. Operators were aware that wind was a growing problem before the accident, and workers were actually working to take down the crane as quickly as possible in growing winds. However, they were not able to complete the job before gusts of wind caused the crane to collapse. It’s estimated that this wind was blowing anywhere from 20-25 miles per hour.

Even after being alerted to the adverse weather conditions, operators were not able to prevent this catastrophic event. While one person was killed and several others were injured, the bright side is that many lives were likely spared since the area was cleared before the collapse, reports USA Today. This situation only underlines how quickly nature can impact routine crane operations.

While there is no 100 percent effective way to protect against incidents like this, staying on top of changing weather patterns is always important. Of course, having the proper safety training and necessary equipment is also essential. By using crane mats from Ritter Forest Products, you can provide your cranes with a more stable platform on ground that may be soft, wet or slippery, which can be another cause for crane accidents. For more information about the crane mats we have available, request a quote online or give us a call today at 800-426-9570.