Laminated & Timber Mats for Rent – Oklahoma

If you are working on a potentially unstable worksite or you are traversing rivers, shorelines, marshes or other dangerous areas, use laminated timber mats for rent from Ritter Forest Products to safely and inexpensively secure your worksite.

Ritter Forest Products offers crane mat rentals and other mats to serve a number of industries and accommodate any types of machinery. Our laminated timber mats for rent are available in standard sizes as well as custom configurations to suit the unique needs, environment, and equipment used at your Oklahoma job site.

In addition to laminated timber mats for rent, we offer a number of other products to easily stabilize and secure unstable areas of your worksite. Our crane mat rentals are made from three layers of solid hardwood, making them durable and flexible but relatively lightweight.

These mats are easy to move around your Oklahoma worksite, but they will hold their position once they are put in place. The mats may be used to stabilize a single piece of equipment, create a temporary roadway, or provide a transitional area over a steep incline.

If you are working with trenches or pipelines, our pipeline skids, timbers, shoring materials and cribbing can be custom cut to meet your needs. These products provide extra reinforcement in unstable areas and can prevent cave-ins and other dangerous situations.

We provide all of the following products for clients working on projects throughout the state of Oklahoma:

  • 3 Ply Laminated Mats
  • Crane Mats
  • Custom Cut Mats
  • Dragline and Digging Mats
  • Outrigging Pad and Transition Mats
  • Pipeline Skids and Timbers
  • Shoring Material and Cribbing

Some of the cities we have served include Ponca City, Glenwood, Ardmore, and Tulsa.

Contact us today by phone or request a quote online to learn more about new and used crane mats, skids, cribbing and more available from Ritter Forest Products.