Safety Tips for Operating a Mobile Crane

Hook of a mobile lifting crane on a construction site, capable of lifting 25 tons of load with workers in the background. Heavy duty machinery for heavy construction industry.

When you’re operating any type of heavy-duty equipment, the safety of your crew is paramount. Mobile cranes are one of those essential pieces of machinery you’re likely to need on a construction or other industrial project, but that can cause dangerous damage if not used properly.

Before you begin your project, make sure you and all of your employees are up-to-date on the most important safety guidelines for crane operation below!

Ensure employees complete proper training.

Accidents happen most often when someone doesn’t know what they’re doing. Therefore, it is crucial that any crew members who will be operating the mobile crane on your construction site complete comprehensive training on how to use the equipment. Operators and anyone who will be working around the crane should also be trained in the proper safety protocols to follow in the event that something goes wrong.

Inspect the equipment before using.

Crane operators should complete a pre-inspection checklist every time they use the equipment. The manufacturer may provide a list, but generally it will involve looking for damage or issues with components. Pre-inspection tasks may include visually checking wheels, security of cables or wires, lights, signals, oil, fuel, and other fluid levels, and assuring everything else is in good working order.

Take note of surroundings.

Anybody who’s about to operate heavy machinery needs to be acutely aware of what’s around them. Look at your surroundings for any potential hazards that could interfere with your mobile crane, such as trees, powerlines, nearby buildings, crew members in the immediate area, and even inclement weather conditions.

Stabilize the ground beneath you.

Perhaps the most important factor in safe crane operation is that the ground you’re working on is sturdy and even. If your construction site is wet, slippery, or otherwise precarious, you could significantly damage the crane or ground beneath and lead to an accident. For the safest and most efficient crane operation, you should use crane mats and outrigger pads to stabilize the ground and help evenly distribute the weight of heavy-duty equipment.

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