Shoring Up on Timber Shoring: 3 Types of Shoring to Know About

Shoring Timber in TX & LAWhen the walls of a building are starting to fail, shoring is the answer that will come to your rescue. Shoring is the process of temporarily supporting a structure when it has lost its structural integrity. It is used in everything from building construction to mine reinforcement, to disaster situations such as a flood, fire, or earthquake and more.

Different types of projects call for different types of shoring. In order to ensure your structure has the temporary support it needs, it is critical that you know the differences between and applications for each type. We’ve put together a quick guide to the most common types of shores to help you on your next job.

Raking Shores

Raking shores are used as temporary support structures for walls within a building that are not structurally sound. This type of shoring is also called inclined shoring, as inclined posts (typically positioned at an angle between 45-75 degrees) provide lateral support to the unstable structure to minimize damage. A structure may require just a simple leaning post, or something as complicated as a group of rakers combined and anchored into position.

Flying Shores

When temporary support is needed for a two-building project, flying shores are the kind you need. As one building is under construction, removed, or demolished, flying shores stabilize the remaining standing building. They are placed horizontally between buildings, not touching the ground, and secured with wall plates.

Dead Shores

Dead shores are used to provide vertical support for walls, roofs, and floors in buildings under construction. They may be necessary because the lower part of a wall is being removed to create an opening, to stand in while a load-bearing wall is rebuilt, or when an existing foundation is deepened. Dead shores are intended to bear the weight of the structure under construction and transfer it to the ground below the foundation, so they must be used especially carefully.

Shores are an incredibly useful construction tool that, when used properly, can offer a great amount of ease to any big project. At Ritter Forest Products, we offer a full selection of shoring timbers and shoring hardwood lumber that can be conveniently purchased pre-cut, or custom-cut to meet the needs of your project.

To learn more about shoring materials or any of our other hardwood products for your construction site, get in touch with us today!