Soil Compaction and Crane Mats

Crane MatsThe type of soil and weather conditions can play a significant role in safety and efficiency on job sites. On many sites, ground stabilization may be required for safety. Fortunately, in many cases, contractors can realize make the ground beneath them more stable and secure by using crane mats.

Soil types vary between job sites and affect the weight of equipment that can be safely used at the site. While swamplands may support only around 1,000 pounds per square foot, for example, clay soils will support three times as much weight. Bedrock will support up to 120,000 pounds per square foot, but sandy surfaces can only support about one-tenth of that. Since contractors need to work with an assigned job site, sometimes it is necessary to employ ground stabilization techniques.

Contractors have several options for ground stabilization, including relying on the weather (dry enough to leave soil firm or cold enough to freeze the ground more solid), building a temporary work platform or roadway, excavation and restoration and matting. Using portable mats provides the best value while still providing a safe and predictable work site.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on ground stabilization. Some of these factors include equipment weight, whether the load is dynamic or static, soil conditions, weather and the need to protect sensitive areas from soil compaction or rutting and erosion.

Crane mats provide a useful and affordable option for ground stabilization on many jobs.  Hardwood timber mats perform well, are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different projects, and are portable and reusable. Crane mats provide a flexible solution for ground stabilization as they help to disperse the weight across a large area when working on soft soils. Mats are also a useful tool for other job site requirements as well, including creating staging areas, building temporary access roads, and maintaining a clean work area.

Ritter Forest Products provides new, used and rental hardwood timber crane mats. Our mats are constructed from 12-by-12-inch timbers and are built to perform in any conditions. Mats are available in varying lengths from 12 feet to 30 feet, allowing you to order the size needed to fit the needs at your job site. Contact us today by calling 800-426-9570 for more information or to get a quote on crane mats for your next project.


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