Moving Heavy Equipment Requires Heavy Duty Solutions

Heavy equipment is frequently used on construction sites, but its use often introduces additional considerations. On many sites, whether the surface you’re working on is improved or unimproved, it is necessary to employ measures to protect the ground. Equipment like cranes and loaders can cause damage to the surface or to buried utilities without these […]

Get Up, Set Up with Outrigging Pads and Transition Mats

At Ritter Forest Products, we’ve gained a reputation for our hardwood mats. These mats provide construction crews with a solid and stable base to work from, providing protection for employees, the surrounding work site and for the environment. Along with hardwood mats, we have a number of other products aimed at helping construction companies as […]

Back to School, Back to Basics – A Mats Review

With school right around the corner, it’s important for students to have the right supplies to complete their work. The same can be said for any project that requires a mat, as having the correct one is imperative to the project’s success. As students gear up to get back to school, let’s do a pre-semester […]

Advice for a Successful Crane Setup

There are many decisions involved in setting up a job site that requires heavy equipment. Projects that require the use of a crane also involve planning to safely setup the crane before the first lift can even occur. If you’re setting about deciding how to get the job done at your project, here are a […]

Used Mats are Back in Stock

At Ritter Forest Products, we’ve discussed the value of hardwood mats many times. These mats help construction crews work with heavy machinery, namely cranes, on terrain that is either too wet to work on safely or needs additional environmental protection. Like most products, there is a belief that hardwood mats need to be purchased new […]

Stay Upright with Outrigger Pads and Transition Mats

Construction projects often require working with heavy equipment like cranes in sometimes soft, wet or uneven terrain. These environments can make work difficult and even dangerous. Fortunately, you can stay upright with outrigger pads and transition mats. Outrigger Pads Outriggers have been an essential part of safe crane operation at least since the first hydraulic […]

How Timber Mats Can Aid Disaster Relief Efforts

When natural disasters occur, it can change the landscape around us drastically. Areas that were once easily accessible can become compromised and unusable, making it hard for cleanup efforts to get going. That’s why if your city or town needs to start picking up the pieces after something such a hurricane, timber mats can help. […]