Sand Mining on the Rise in Texas Alongside Drilling

Mining has turned into a big business in the state of Texas during the past year, but perhaps in a surprising way. Instead of oil or gravel mining, the biggest boom has been in sand mining. According to the Houston Chronicle, the price of sand has skyrocketed from $15 per ton just a year ago […]

Heavy Equipment Trailer Transport in Geismar, Louisiana

JOB: Heavy Equipment Trailer Transport – Our well known yellow tipped wood mats were needed for extending a transportation road to help the heavy equipment get where they needed to be for this job. LOCATION: Geismar, Louisiana PRODUCTS USED: 8×16 laminated mats CONTACT: For your construction mat needs in the Geismar area contact us.

Three Unique Uses for Laminated Mats

Laminated mats come in all different sizes and lengths. They might not look like they can do a whole lot, but in fact they’re highly useful in all different kinds of fields. Whether it is for construction or installation, laminated mats are in high demand for jobs big and small. Laminated mats are used for […]

Preserve the Environment with Dragline and Laminated Mats

Dragline and laminated mats have shown to be effective for protecting the environment, but how exactly do they work? At Ritter Forest Products we sell mats all across the country and time and time again have seen the benefits these mats can produce. How do dragline mats benefit the environment? Let’s start with dragline mats. […]

How Can Laminated Mats Improve Your Construction Project?

Whether you’re working with concrete or any other type of materials to complete a construction project, it’s important to have the right equipment for the job. In addition to the machinery and materials you will be using to complete the bulk of the work, you will most likely benefit from having additional equipment like laminated […]