Types and Benefits of Temporary Environmental Crossings

The professionals at Ritter Forest Products are proud to serve a variety of industries, including contractors and groups in the environmental field. When you’re dealing with wetlands or other areas that need to be preserved, lessening the impact that your team and equipment make on the environment is always important. Our laminated mats are perfect for the job.

Our laminated mats are wood mats that are made from hardwood. They are nailed together in 3 layers (3 ply) . They can be placed over wetlands and other surfaces where you don’t want to make a heavy impact. Whether you are cleaning up a spill or doing any type of restoration work on a sensitive area of land, our wood mats are the best and most cost effective for your job.

These mats are mobile and reusable. They have the capability to hold heavy equipment, so you don’t have to worry about getting vehicles and machinery to and from the designated area.

The next time you are on an environmental job don’t go without the right equipment. Ritter Forest Products can supply you with all of the temporary crossing material that you and your team need. Contact us today if you have any questions!

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