How Timber Mats Can Aid Disaster Relief Efforts

Timber Mats When natural disasters occur, it can change the landscape around us drastically. Areas that were once easily accessible can become compromised and unusable, making it hard for cleanup efforts to get going. That’s why if your city or town needs to start picking up the pieces after something such a hurricane, timber mats can help.

Natural disasters like hurricanes, flooding or severe storms can leave the ground in an area unstable, making it difficult for people and vehicles to get equipment and supplies to where they are needed. Disaster relief workers often rely on laminated timber mats that can help provide temporary roadways and access to help them get where they need to be and create solid ground to work upon. The mat can also be used for storing items that will be used in the relief efforts, making a place where materials can be kept that is off the ground  where they can stay dry and organized.

Mats are also beneficial by creating impromptu passageways that can prevent making existing damage to the grounds worse. Creating a temporary road with timber mats can transport items and people without risking damaging property or getting stuck in muddy soil. When Hurricane Ike hit in 2014, for example, timber mats from Ritter Forest Products were used to create a road that assisted in the cleanup of East Beach in Galveston, Texas. This helped accelerate the relief efforts and gave responders an easier way to travel through the saturated area.

Sometimes serious disasters can completely destroy infrastructure that previously existed, making travel to remote destinations and urban locations equally difficult. Timber mats can provide solutions needed on the fly so that cleanup and recovery efforts can start quickly and help residents and businesses get their lives back to normal.

If your area has been affected by a natural disaster or is at risk of experiencing one, let the hardwood mats from Ritter Forest Products help make the cleanup effort easier. For more information on our mats or to receive a quote, feel free to call us today at 800-426-9570.

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