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Understanding the Lifespan of Your Hardwood Mats

When preparing for industrial projects, it’s crucial to consider the importance of hardwood mats as they provide a stable platform for heavy machinery and ensure worksite safety. However, just like any other material, hardwood mats have a limited lifespan influenced by various factors. The Basics of Hardwood Mat Durability Hardwood mats are made from dense… Read more »

Temporary Road in St. James, Louisiana

For this Mammoet rollout, Ritter Forest Products was able to supply our top-quality hardwood mats to make the project team’s job safer and more efficient. Using our 3-ply laminated mats, they created a temporary road over wet, muddy ground located next to a river on the worksite. This prevented the heavy construction equipment from slipping… Read more »

Ground Protection for LSU Football Field in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The weight and movement of heavy machinery can take a toll on the grounds of a construction site. When work needed to be done on the Louisiana State University practice football field, Ritter Forest Products’ 3-ply laminated mats were able to protect the worksite and keep the field in good shape for the team to… Read more »

How Timber Mats Can Aid Disaster Relief Efforts

When natural disasters occur, it can change the landscape around us drastically. Areas that were once easily accessible can become compromised and unusable, making it hard for cleanup efforts to get going. That’s why if your city or town needs to start picking up the pieces after something such a hurricane, timber mats can help…. Read more »

The Importance of Hardwood Mats for Job Safety

Hardwood Crane Mats for Rent

When you’re using heavy machinery to complete construction, demolition or maintenance work, especially on uneven or unstable ground, things can get dangerous quickly if you forget an essential safety step: the use of hardwood mats. A hardwood crane mat is a potentially lifesaving piece of equipment that can create the stable conditions needed to complete… Read more »