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Strategies for Securing Your Construction Site Over the Holidays

The holiday season is a time for most people to enjoy a break from work, but for those in the construction industry, it can be a critical time to ensure their job sites are secure during the downtime. To prevent potential issues such as theft, vandalism, or weather-related damages, preparing your construction site for a… Read more »

Spring Construction Concerns and How to Avoid Them

Spring is here, and while the warmer weather is certainly nice for outdoor construction crews, the change in season brings unique challenges. At Ritter Forest Products, we know all about this. With customers nationwide, we provide construction crews with hardwood crane mats and other tools that help them create safe work environments! Here are a few factors that can… Read more »

What Should Be Labeled at a Construction Site?

Set of Construction sign (warning, site safety, use hard hat,children must not play on this site, no admittance to unauthorized personnel, safety hard helmet, boots and vest must worn at all times)

There’s no sugar coating it; construction sites are dangerous, subjecting workers to many risks. Along with worker accidents comes legal risks of liability for your construction business. By properly labeling things at your worksite that have the potential to be harmful, you can significantly reduce the number of dangerous risks and accidents. Here are a… Read more »

Construction Near Power Lines: How to Operate Safely

Crane and Power Lines

According to OSHA, the second leading cause of worker deaths in construction is electrocution. Many workers don’t know the potential electrical hazards in their work environment, making them more vulnerable to the danger of electrocution. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of not being aware of all energized power sources, from overhead and underground power… Read more »

Spring Safety Tips for Construction Workers

Worker using a small, tracked excavator to dig a hole to fix a water leak at a large commercial housing development in the muddy spring weather.

After a long winter season of limited construction, this is the time when cranes and heavy equipment start popping up like new spring flowers. The spring season is also known for bringing frequent rainfall and the possibility of thunderstorms and lightning. On busy construction sites, the unique dangers that spring weather poses to the safety… Read more »

Surfaces That Can Benefit from Hardwood Mat Protection

Hardwood Crane Mat Rental in LA & TX

When you’re setting up a construction project or other industrial worksite, it takes a lot of equipment and supplies to get things ready for your crew to work safely and efficiently. Although they may seem like a smaller part of an operation, hardwood crane mats are one of those essential supplies you need to have… Read more »

Preventing Heat Illness on Your Construction Site

Hardwood Crane Mats for Rent in TX and LA

There’s a lot to be aware of when you’re working on a construction site. You have to be constantly monitoring the equipment and workers around you, as well as on-site conditions that could be hazardous to operate in. On top of that, you also have to be conscious of seasonal factors that can affect job… Read more »

The Importance of Hardwood Mats for Job Safety

Hardwood Crane Mats for Rent

When you’re using heavy machinery to complete construction, demolition or maintenance work, especially on uneven or unstable ground, things can get dangerous quickly if you forget an essential safety step: the use of hardwood mats. A hardwood crane mat is a potentially lifesaving piece of equipment that can create the stable conditions needed to complete… Read more »