What Should Be Labeled at a Construction Site?

Set of Construction sign (warning, site safety, use hard hat,children must not play on this site, no admittance to unauthorized personnel, safety hard helmet, boots and vest must worn at all times)

There’s no sugar coating it; construction sites are dangerous, subjecting workers to many risks. Along with worker accidents comes legal risks of liability for your construction business. By properly labeling things at your worksite that have the potential to be harmful, you can significantly reduce the number of dangerous risks and accidents.

Here are a few items that should be labeled at your worksite to avoid injuries and miscommunications!


Chemicals can cause severe damage to your employees as well as the environment. Workers need to know where chemicals are stored to avoid coming into contact with them or releasing them into the surrounding area. Cabinets that keep chemicals should have the proper labeling on the outside and access to all the required Hazmat information easily accessible. Many keep this information on a binder attached to the outside of the cabinet with a cable. Beyond sparing yourself from liability, OSHA rules require you to ensure that chemicals are clearly marked.


Pipes can cause major damage if handled incorrectly, especially since they carry water and possibly hazardous substances. If a worker bursts a water pipe, that water could cause damage to areas beyond the worksite. Depending on what is in the pipe, it can injure your workers too. Everyone should know exactly what is in each pipe and where they need to exercise extra caution. Mark the pipes and keep a labeled diagram of where the pipes are if they are hidden behind walls.

Steep Drops

Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries on a worksite. Workers may not have the best visibility on the job site, leading to dangerous falls. If there is an area where workers may not have the best footing or a drop near them, it should be marked and labeled. In addition, oily surfaces should be marked to alert your workers. When possible, grating or other anti-slip floorings like hardwood mats can help to avoid accidents. Holes or openings that workers could fall into should be clearly labeled as well.

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