Should I Buy or Rent Crane Mats for My Project?

While you will find many similarities when you move from one construction project to the next, everybody in the industry knows that no two projects are exactly the same. Each unique project requires different strategies, equipment, and experts to bring it to completion. For example, when it comes to obtaining crane mats, in certain situations […]

Crane Mats for Heavier Equipment: What to Consider

Any time you’re working with industrial machinery, you should be using crane mats. Without mats, cranes, loaders, and other heavy construction equipment can damage the ground, surrounding surface environment, utilities underneath, or be damaged themselves and more likely to cause injury. When it comes to choosing the right mats for your project, the size of […]

4 Advantages of Wood over Steel Crane Mats

It may seem somewhat strange that in industries driven by high-power and steel-built equipment, steel crane mats aren’t what contractors and construction companies choose for their job site needs. However, there are many significant advantages that wooden crane mats and other pads built with wood offer when compared to steel. Let’s take a look at […]