Ground Protection for LSU Football Field in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The weight and movement of heavy machinery can take a toll on the grounds of a construction site. When work needed to be done on the Louisiana State University practice football field, Ritter Forest Products’ 3-ply laminated mats were able to protect the worksite and keep the field in good shape for the team to […]

Should I Buy or Rent Crane Mats for My Project?

While you will find many similarities when you move from one construction project to the next, everybody in the industry knows that no two projects are exactly the same. Each unique project requires different strategies, equipment, and experts to bring it to completion. For example, when it comes to obtaining crane mats, in certain situations […]

Crane Mats for Heavier Equipment: What to Consider

Any time you’re working with industrial machinery, you should be using crane mats. Without mats, cranes, loaders, and other heavy construction equipment can damage the ground, surrounding surface environment, utilities underneath, or be damaged themselves and more likely to cause injury. When it comes to choosing the right mats for your project, the size of […]

3 Reasons to Use Hardwood Mats on Your Next Construction Project

When it comes to making your construction site a safer place to be and more efficient operation, hardwood crane mats are an ideal solution. They’re durable enough to last through years of projects, quick and easy to put in place before you begin, and best of all, they won’t break the bank. So, what benefits […]

The Use of Industrial Mats in Maritime Shipping

When it comes to maritime shipping and transportation of heavy machinery, you want to make sure the equipment you use in the process will be able to get the job done while also protecting that machinery. That’s where the full range of high quality mats from Ritter Forest Products can help. Different types of industrial […]

Use Crane Mats During Maintenance of Nuclear Plants

Nuclear power has become an essential part of the electricity grid in the U.S. These plants are typically used as base load stations that provide a consistent and reliable source of electricity that can be supplemented by plants that are powered by coal, gas or renewable power. Each of the 100 nuclear reactors that are […]

Used Mats are Back in Stock

At Ritter Forest Products, we’ve discussed the value of hardwood mats many times. These mats help construction crews work with heavy machinery, namely cranes, on terrain that is either too wet to work on safely or needs additional environmental protection. Like most products, there is a belief that hardwood mats need to be purchased new […]

Stay Upright with Outrigger Pads and Transition Mats

Construction projects often require working with heavy equipment like cranes in sometimes soft, wet or uneven terrain. These environments can make work difficult and even dangerous. Fortunately, you can stay upright with outrigger pads and transition mats. Outrigger Pads Outriggers have been an essential part of safe crane operation at least since the first hydraulic […]